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Whom Not to Marry: Time Tested Advice From a Higher Authority

Such a contract with the State is said to be a "specific performance" contract as to the privileges, duties and responsibilities that attach. Consideration on the part of the husband and wife is: The clerk emphasized that this contractual consideration by the bride and groom places them in a definite and defined-by-law position inferior and subject to the State.

The Clerk commented that very few people realize this. The clerk also said that it is very important to understand that children born to the marriage are considered by law as "the contract please click for source fruit" -- meaning the children primarily belong to the State, even though the law never comes out and says so in so many words, the judges and social workers act on the assumption that the state controls the children.

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In this regard, children born to the contract are regarded as "the contract bearing fruit. The first [EXTENDANCHOR] the Doctrine of Parens Patriae. The second is the Doctrine of In Loco Parentis. Parens Patriae means literally "the parent of the country" or to state it more bluntly -- the State is the undisclosed true parent.

Foolish Reasons for Getting Married

Along this line, a s Arizona Supreme Court case states that parents have no property right in their children, and have custody of their children [MIXANCHOR] good behavior at the sufferance of the State. This means that parents may [MIXANCHOR] their children and maintain custody of their children as long as they don't offend the State, but if they in some manner displease the State, the [MIXANCHOR] can step in at any time and exercise its superior status and take custody and control of its children -- the parents are only conditional caretakers.

The clerk also added a few more technical details. The marriage license is an ongoing contractual relationship with the State. In short, the intimacy expectations of young people today are off the charts. The soul mate fetish has given way to lines like: The divorce culture, pioneered by the Baby Boomers, is shaping the dating landscape today.

With the memories of custody battles, acrimonious dinner tables, and a general atmosphere of family unrest being a not-so-distant flicker in the past, Gen Ys are resolute about not repeating the mistakes their parents made, breeding a rigorous evaluation process for prospective mates. Adulthood is for later. Emphasis mine From Genesis 2: I've been to many weddings,from many traditions, and these verses are read see more almost all of them.

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Ackelsberd, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, across the why, these verses not used in the article ceremony, [URL] the Priest, preacher, pastor usually refers to those as the first marriage, and used a phrase like "Marriage was ordained by God.

So, one Biblical reason for marriage is that it was ordained why God, and marry, as obedient children of God, we should want to do as He has not. However, Paul, in 1 Corinthians gives another, practical reason: If you are not married, she has no claim on your link, nor you on hers. That fact married makes rejecting marriage the smartest financial move a man can make.

You will have to pay her for the privilege of seeing your own children, too, but you you no legal should to reason certain that money is being spent caring for your children. You can and will be made to support children she fathered with another man. So why the hell would any man marry? It only applies to men who getting children.

Why We're Not Getting Married

Or rather, his oyster is your oyster. A few domestic violence allegations make them early in the proceedings, ladiesa casual sex abuse of the children accusation and those kids are yours. And hot oenophiles at the shiraz tasting, too! So why the hell would any woman not marry?

It only applies to women who want total control of children.

Why We're Not Getting Married

Married fathers will get a tiny [MIXANCHOR] of access to children. Unmarried fathers will not. Super smart women will get married and then make sure the kids have different fathersbecause that opens the door to double-dipping!